First letter from the MTC!

Hey it’s me. You guys should email me or write me or something. If you write me it might be a good idea to send me some stamps. My preference is Harry Potter no biggy
though.  It’s really good here super long days and it’s always hard to sleep at night even though your dead tired. My companion is pretty cool he’s from somewhere in Salt
Lake.  Making lots of connections with people here. Austin Adams and Jake Hopkins litterly save my life.  Soo much fun to see them during the day.  It’s hard when we only get a couple of minutes, but I love them so much.  I miss you guys but it feels like I am at a EFY on steroids kinda. I room with the new zone leaders.   They got chosen yesterday.  My roommates don’t really like going out and talking to other missionaries. They think that the missionaries that have been here a week are too wild.  They just run around shooting people with squirt guns ha.  Really, really, goofy, kinda funny older zone leaders that
have been here a week.  LOL.  So, funny story, the first night were all in bed no one can sleep dead silent.  I go under my sheets and start like sobbing quietly so they think I am
really crying! It was soo funny, I was like just kidding elders and we all had a good laugh. You have to make sure to lighten things up around here. Anyway, I’ll write more Tuesday.  I just had a little time today.  Love you Mom, Dad, Paige and Claire.
Elder Mitchell Egbert

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