July 27, 2015 First handwritten letter :)

Hey family,

It’s Monday and I got your Dear Elder Mail today!  It’s awesome because we don’t have to wait for Tuesday.  Loved your letters!  Thanks so much Paige.  Miss you guys too!  Man, sometimes it’s soo hard here.  I never think about going home, but it’s just like a grind, like wrestling.  The best feeling ever is when the Spirit teaches you!  And also when you walk out of a successful investigator lesson.  The fake investigators here are such good actors.  It’s pretty much the real thing.  If you ever wonder what I am doing throughout the day…I am probably studying….Not even kidding.  Six Hours of Study Time a Day!  And that is not even including the class.  It was hard at first, but I know that my prayers and the Savior’s Atonement have strengthened me to be able to do it.  Oh, and I saw Vanessa at lunch yesterday.  We had a good talk!  Familiar faces are so NICE!  She said Friday was her break down day! Ha!  Haven’t had mine!  🙂  Well, it’s 10:27 pm.  Goodnight.

Love you! 🙂

Elder Egbert

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