Second Letter from MTC. July 25, 2015

So,  here is how things have been. We taught two fake investigators that are such good actors that it feels real in every way!  The lessons were okay, we were not able to baptize them in one lesson yet, so room for improvement. This is the hardest, best thing you will ever do!  It feels like jail sometimes, and other times there is no place you would rather be! Love, love love P day! We went to the temple, it was sooo good!  While I was reading D&C 108-109,  I think it hit me really hard!  It’s awesome!  I love my district, they are all awesome and we have really bonded!  We have two sister missionaries in our district haha..  Some elders are having trouble keeping their hearts locked.  Haha, but not really everyone is doing good! It’s awesome how the whole gospel is just focused around Christ.  Something I loved is that the best learners make the best teachers, so I am really trying to learn all I can!  The most frustrating thing, is not being able to show people why they need this gospel! Love you all so much! Thanks for all the letters and your love! I’ll try to get those letters out asap!

Elder Mitchell Egbert
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