First week in the Alpha and Omega Mission!

Hey Everyone!

So loving the field!  On the airplane ride over here I was able to talk about the gospel and answer some questions this lady on the plane had about the LDS church.  It was awesome and went so good!  I was sitting there and I was like ugh…I have to help this lady understand why she needs what I have!  So, it was only a tad awkward, but I got the conversation steered towards religion.  Then I asked her if she had any questions about our church.  She said no.  So, I sat there awkwardly for a good thirty and she remembered some questions!  She was like, oh why can’t women go into your temples regularly?  So I helped explain that.  And then she said that she didn’t like how our church holds Joseph Smith above Jesus Christ, or like we worship Joseph Smith.  So, I helped clear that up and tried to not make her feel stupid in doing so because everything in our church goes back to Jesus Christ and His doctrine.  And then she was like, well, I don’t really like organized religion.  I was thinking to myself, well, lady, we set our church up the same way Jesus did.  Ha, I didn’t say that but wanted to.  We had a good talk, but after I got off the plane I was a little sad because I didn’t give her any way to contact the missionaries.  Hopefully I planted a seed.  She has Mormon co-workers and I said that if she thought of anything else that they would probably love to talk to her about it.

Then I spent the night at the mission home and got my companion the next day.  My prayers had been answered!  My companion is a wrestler!!!!!  His name is Elder McCurdy, Ha ha!  He’s from Arizona and this is his last transfer.  He’s an amazing missionary!  He really knows what he’s doing.  Just found out today that we also have the same birthday!  October 7th!  Neither of us could believe it!  He had two bad companions before so he was so happy to get me!  We’re always busy talking to people and visiting less actives and teaching investigators lessons.  At times I feel so inadequate.  Most of the people here don’t want to listen to what we have to say.

Elder Egbert and his companion Elder McCurdy

Elder Egbert and his companion Elder McCurdy

Elder McCurdy

Elder McCurdy

I'm not in Utah anymore!

I’m not in Utah anymore!

My first area is in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Famous for the military post and the federal prison aka the Big House.  Lots of big criminals have been held there, like Al Capone.  Sometime a member in our ward will give us a tour!  They feed us so good here!  We go out to eat half the time here.  They didn’t lie about the barbeque.  It is great!  Also, grits are pretty good.  And it’s so humid!  Sometime it is almost hard to breathe because it is so hot!  We get one week car, one week bike, so I’m gonna die on the bike this week!  My companion has the voice of an angel!  Whenever he gets his hands on a guitar, he jams!  Having so much fun out here and working hard!  Love hearing from everyone!  Love you all!

P.S.  This is my address:

921 Brookside Apt. L   Leavenworth, KS  66048

Oh, one more thing, I can look/get emails any day, but can only respond on Monday.

Elder Egbert

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