All is well in Zion!

Well, lots of great things happened in Leavenworth, Kansas this week.

I had an exchange this Thursday and Elder Robinson and I switched trainers for the day.  The change was alright.  The next day we had a zone training.  It went on forever.

Friday we met with Joe who is a less active and is going through a hard time.  He is trying to find a job and suffers from depression and lots of different things.  He also smokes.  We have been meeting with him for awhile and recently our lessons with him have been so good and the spirit has been so strong.  So while we were meeting with Joe on Friday we asked him what some of his goals are, and it was perfect, he said quit smoking, get the priesthood and go through the temple!  My companion and I were so happy!  I’ve learned to love Joe and the people out here so much already!  Even the crazy ones!  And there are a lot of crazy people  haha!

Saturday evening we met with this part member family (Murphy’s) who live on base so we had to get a ride with a member through security.  We love meeting with Murphy’s.  They are a really funny family and pretty easy to talk to. The wife is a member but the husband says he’s a baptist.  While we talk to them we try to steer the conversation towards the gospel but the wife just jumps around to random topics and laughs a lot.  She has the same accent as Aunt….shoot….the one who lives by BYU.

We are going to try to get one of our investigators to get baptized this week.  We has a really good week last week.

Email later Monday night:

Wow, guess what?  Just had a really good lesson with an excommunicated member and his wife who is a member.  He is trying to get baptized again, but we think he’s struggling with alcohol.  He shared a lot of good insights with us and wisdom…ha.

Love, Elder Egbert


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