August 24th, 2015

Here’s some things from my week…

So, earlier this week we had a good talk with the Murphy’s.  We spent a good hour trying to lead the conversation towards the Gospel.  It’s really hard because Sister Murphy is all over the place.  She has two daughters and her husband is Baptist.  They are less active so we are trying to get them to come to church.  Eventually, we got talking about the gospel and it was great.  She said she just doesn’t come to church because of laziness.  I told her about how I didn’t like wearing garments at first because I thought they were annoying, just like how she’s too lazy to come to church.  But, I said once I learned the protection and power and safety I get from wearing garments, I would never want to take them off.  Then I bore testimony of how growing up going to church has blessed my life and other things I can’t really remember, but she was crying and the Spirit was really strong.  When I finished bearing my testimony I felt like I should invite them to come to church, because that is the whole point we are there is to strengthen their faith and help them repent/change.  But I didn’t and I felt terrible.  My stomach felt sick, I knew I hadn’t listened to the prompting of the Spirit.  When we got in bed that night, I cried myself to sleep.  But, I learned not to be scared or care what they will think or worry if it will be awkward.  You just do as the Spirit directs.  I’m still learning and I’m sure I’ll make mistakes again, but I keep trying.

Also this week I anointed 2 people and my companion blessed them.  It was awesome.  So, we went over to dinner at this member’s house.  I guess they had been debating whether or not to have us over because the wife had been having health issues and it had been a really hard week for them.  But the husband was like, let’s not cancel on them.  And the husband has only been a member for a year.  So as we were eating dinner, we learned more about her health issues and we talked about the gospel.  I had a spiritual message prepared, but flipped through my Ipad and was led to Mosiah 24:14.  We shared our testimonies and she started crying.  We then gave both the husband and wife blessings of comfort.  Well, my companion did.  He is good friends with them.  It was awesome, so spiritual.

Gtg, bye

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