Homeless, Fast and Furious and a Stolen Bike August 31st, 2015

So, here is a brief overview of the week.

The other elders had the car this week.  I had to borrow one of the elders bike because mine got stolen.   Also, I had to buy a new lock because the last one got cut.  The other elders were driving along and they saw a black 14 ish year old boy riding our bike!   So, they turned around and passed him again videoing him on their IPads haha!   Anyway, we figured out where he lived and at around 10:00, we stopped by with the other elders and our bike was just sitting outside on the porch!  It was a ghetto place.  We were trying to decide what to do…take it or call the police and have a chance we couldn’t prove it was ours.  I said we should call the cops, but they were like hmmm….so.. We first called this guy in our ward who is a judge for some legal advice, but he didn’t pick up.  So we called our ward mission leader and he said that if we were sure it was our bike to take it.  Ha.  So, I hope no one saw the missionaries stealing the bike back.  We haven’t made the paper, so we’re good.  Oh boy.


The kid that stole my bike!

Then the next day one of our investigators that we don’t know how accountable he is and if he is all there, called us saying he’s done with life.  He quit his job and he’s going to jump off the bridge.  So we were frantically calling the other elders to pick us up to take us to him.  We met up with him like 20 minutes later.  He was talking to one of his homeless friends.  This is at like 8:30 at night.  So, my companion talked to the suicidal, and I talked to the homeless kid named “Alec”.  Alec turns out is the same age as me, 18!  He grew up in an abusive family so he got put into a foster home till he aged out.  Since then he has been living on the street, which has been about nine months.  This made me really sad and want to start a homeless shelter.  So, we had a problem, basically two homeless people and no where for them to sleep that night.  So we decided to call up a member to take George to the hospital to spend the night there because he was suicidal, and unfortunately had to take Alec to the homeless shelter where this other homeless man would make fun of and hurt Alec.  We tried to help him as much as we could.  Before Alec went into the homeless shelter, we gave him a blessing of protection.

Sunday was a miracle day.  I’ve never had a day that well.  One of our investigators who has been coming to church and just soaking up the gospel is now rooming with a LDS wrestler from Idaho!  Then this less active member called us and said he couldn’t come to church today because he had been having problems.  But we told him to come because church is where he was supposed to be.  He came…but just a tad drunk.  He was fine.  I really hope he was able to get something out of sacrament meeting.  It was on the Atonement and was perfect for him.

Then there is this car family.  There’s two brothers and a dad who build cars in their garage out back!  Not just any cars, but drag racers.  1000 horse power cars that they street race with on the weekends.  The Dad and one brother are baptized, but not active, and the other brother is not a member.  At one time he was on track to baptism, then got scared by how much he’d have to change.  But Sunday we asked him after a good 2 hours of working on cars with him, drinking Dew, and good gospel bro to bro talk, asked him if he still wanted to get baptized.  He said, “Ya, I do, I’ll get there eventually”.  Yay, we’re so happy!  We’re working with him to stop smoking.  He’s a really cool dude.  They remind me of Fast and Furious movies.

Then we had a lesson with this 50 year old guy who lives with him Mom who is a Jehovah’s Witness.  It was great, they want us to come back!  Then we had dinner with a member family and they brought a non member friend and it was awesome!  It was so funny as we got to talking, the non member was like yeah, I fed the missionaries all the time back in Alaska where he was posted a year ago!  The members were surprised and so were we!  I’ll be sooner or later he will become a member.  Hopefully he will let us come over because we can’t proselyte in post.  I had the spiritual thought!

The military post and jail makes this a really unique area.  The military post has a military jail that is holding the Wiki leaks guy “Chelsea” Manning.  They just call him inmate Manning because yeah….Ha.. Anyway, good week, so yeah.

Leavenworth, KS

Leavenworth, KS

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