Dream Team, New Companion and Finding Studs (you know, the ones in the walls…) Sept. 21, 2015



So I get a new companion tomorrow, yeah.  I haven’t heard too much about
him.  Should be fun,  he’s supposeably a Cali boy.  Anyway, we woke up this
morning, great workout. Then got out and went to lunch with someone the
zone leaders found tracking.   This was our first visit.  He wanted to
meet at Ruby Tuesdays for lunch.  He got there, he had just got out of a
oral surgery, he’s a dentist. The waiter came out and was like would you
like all separate checks and he’s like I got it! He paid for all three
of us! How awesome! He then was like okay, we have like 30 minutes,
teach me. We are like, Wow okay! Ha!   We then taught him the restoration.
He had a lot of great questions, really intelligent logical guy. We
were going in order switching off lesson points and I could see it was
coming up for me to talk and I couldn’t figure out how to smoothly
transition. Ugh, it was a tad rough at first, but then once I got going
I was on fire…until about half way through Joseph Smith’s first vision
experience that I have memorized and was powerfully saying to him.  The
waitress interrupts, “May I get you some more water” Ughhh.. then I
just summed it up like yeah, so Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
appeared to Joseph Smith and told him that none of the churches were
true and that he was to restore Christ’s true church. The lesson went
so well. Ha, one of his questions was why do Mormon’s have such big
families! He is such a solid investigator, he read the pamphlet before
hand and it was just awesome. My companions and I are the dream team,
let me tell ya.
Then we went to visit this family at an apartment complex and they
said they were busy. This really immodest dressed girl passed us on
the stairwell. She was probably like 25 years old. We then saw her
while we were walking around and she’s like, “Hey are you guys the
Mormons?  I’m like hmm..well great.. we shared our message with her and
chatted for a minute and set a return appointment and left her with
a BOM. She said she really needed some peace and happiness in her
life. She really looked distraught, she had shortish hair and she had
lots of cut marks, some probably a week old with scabs. When the elders
visit her next they’ll probably have to ask her to put some modest
clothes on before the lesson. I really hope she accepts the gospel
because she needs it so bad. It’s easy to see someone who looks like
her and immediately think, eh, it’s a lost cause. What really helps me is
to think to myself, what if she was Paige or Claire? With that in mind
I feel so much more love to help her and am able to see her as Christ

Then we moved a mattress and a member decided to take us out to
dinner at Wendys. Then went to ward correlation. Then we went to the
loony house, but our guy we were supposed to meet with was sleeping, so
we went and tracked for a bit.  I knocked all the doors. The door
approach is starting to click a little more. Came home to the
apartment and I planned what I am going to do with my new companion
for tomorrow. I know the area better than him so right now I will
probably be doing most of the daily planning.


NEW COMPANION!! IT’S TRANSFERS! My second transfer Yay! Most people
being trained stay with their trainer for 2 transfers normally, but
because mine went home I get a new one.  I am really happy I get two.   It
gives me a better idea of what to do and what not to do. I learned
what I could from Elder McCurdy and now I am learning what I can from
Elder Porter. Before transfers I kept hearing, oh Elder Porter, he’s a
Cali boy and what not. Ha. He’s cool and I think we will get along
great. He is a really relaxed, chill guy from what it looks like. So we went to
transfers, loaded all his stuff in our car, which was a ton. We had
stuff on our laps. Then we drove about an hour from Independence to
Leavenworth. He has been out for nine months. He even brought his aloe
plant! I’m pretty excited about the aloe plant. We can’t have pets so I
feel like plants are like our pets. We  name them and funny stuff ha.
So we finally get done bringing all his stuff in and weekly planning
about 4 o clock. We then headed down to the church to sync our iPads
so he has the area book. Then biked to dinner which was at five. Had a
great dinner with the Kennington’s. Then we were biking to our next
appointment when Elder Porters bike chain broke. And that’s missionary
life….somethings always breaking, popping, or running out of gas. So we
then walked our bike to our next appointments house. We had a good
talk and set a return appointment for Sunday. With Elder McCurdy gone
I am finally able to talk a little more and build my own relationship
with the members. I was scared at first but now I realize it’s not as
hard as I thought. We then tracked a little and then scrambled to call
a member with a truck that could pick us up. Finally we were able to
get someone who could come pick us up.   It was getting dark and we did
not want to walk all three miles back to our apartment. Got home did a
good deep cleaning and he unpacked a little more then we went to bed.


Today was full of laughter. Oh man.. We biked around town today
talking to people. Most of the people weren’t very receptive. One guy
we are like, “Hey, how are you?” and he’s like,” Keep on going there’s nothing
to see here”. Wow.. and teenagers hate us.. especially if there’s more
than two in the car. I try to just smile back. Then we tried to go see
a referral but because we talked to so many people on our way there we
didn’t get there in time before we had to go to dinner.  So, hopefully
we can track down the referral tomorrow. We went to dinner. It was good,
spaghetti like usual. Mom, if you ever have the missionaries over don’t
cook spaghetti or make a lasagna. Those are like the top two meals we
get fed the most. After dinner we got dropped off and my dumb
companion realized that he forgot his bag at dinner! I was like ,”Oh
great…HEY where’s my bag!” That’s right, we both forgot out bags at
dinner. It’s not too bad because we had our iPads with us and Sunday is
tomorrow so they’ll bring them to church. So tonight we found the
studs where the O hooks will go for the hammock! YAY. Going to get
those on P day probably. Then Elder Porter and I were talking about
this guy who I couldn’t understand very well. He’s like remember when
he was talking and it was hard to understand and you said awesome? I
was like, hmm yeah sorta. Well before you said awesome he said that his
heart was having problems and was getting clogged. Then we busted out
laughing. Oops no wonder he gave me a weird look after that. It went
good though, we have a return appointment. Then we were hungry and made
some top ramen and hot chocolate. That was a good meal it made me feel
like home and comfortable. Early morning tomorrow with Ward
Correlation meeting at 7.


Yay it’s P day. We finally get a car today. I found the studs in the wall
so now all I need is to run to the store and buy a couple eye hooks.
Having the hammock up will be fun, great for studies. We found this
homeless woman the other day and she was interested in lessons and
this morning she finally texted back and said that Thursday would work
for her so were pretty pumped about that.   She seems really solid. We
have lots of appointments this week, it’s going to be a good week.

Here’s some pictures from this week.

 image3 image1(5)

Stud finding...

Stud finding…


Elder Egbert

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