Serious Sins and Homework Sept. 28, 2015

Well a lot happened this week but I’m just going to try and keep it
short and simple.

One of our investigators committed hard to come to church. He had his clothes ready and everything, he said he would be there, and then he didn’t come.  But we are going to his house to watch conference with him, so hopefully after that he will start progressing more.  I am not really being trained anymore. I mean I am always learning and training, but I take the lead a lot more and am able to hold my own with talking to people teaching lessons and so on. It’s awesome. This week we found some eye hooks and hung the hammock up.  It’s awesome all the other elders are jealous! It’s a serious sin, but they try their best. Wow, that was an awful joke.


I fasted yesterday and really got a spiritual boost from sacrament meeting. We had a lesson later that day and I felt like powerful. Not like I’m better than you powerful, but like confident powerful. We taught an awesome lesson and I was able to bear my testimony. Try, try, try to find and listen to these talks.. 17 Points of the True Church, Why 1820, and the 4th missionary!  Really good talks!  I’ll follow up with you next week and make sure you’ve read them haha.  So I got two birthday packages make sure to let the Stoddard’s know I really appreciated and loved their package! It made my day! It’s the best feeling ever knowing that people are supporting you. Also Grandma and Grandpa Mason!  I love you all.  I cried a couple tears this week thinking about how great a family I have.


Elder Egbert

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