Conference and Free Furniture, October 5, 2015


Hey wow, conference though! We were able to watch the first day at the
church and the second day with an investigator. Loved the talk given
by Elder Renlund these are my notes from it..The Lord will qualify
those who he calls.  I can testify of the plain and precious truths of the gospel.
We must see them through a parent’s eyes. We have to see them through God’s eyes.
His talk was amazing. It made me think of my parents. Sorry I was such
a tough son to raise. When you look at your investigators through a
parent’s (Heavenly Father’s) eyes it changes everything. All you care
about is that they make it home okay. That they are safe and keep the
commandments. I cried like a baby through this talk. I got your
package thank you so much!  Loved the ties!


This week I’ve been missing you guys. 🙂  Whenever I think about you
guys I get a little watery eyed! I love you all so much. Families are
so important. Being born in the latter days with a multi-generational
family that is strong in the gospel and live in Utah.  I am so grateful.
Anyway,  here’s some stuff that happened this week. 🙂

Elder Robinson from North Logan came to my area for exchanges; it was
awesome so many miracles that day.  I was the lead missionary because
it was my area and I planned and did a lot that day.  This one lesson we
taught this guy who said he was a tad drunk, but asked if we could still teach
him. I was like for sure!  This was the first time meeting with this
guy!  We taught the lesson of the restoration.  Elder Robinson did such
a good job teaching, we are a great team. We both bore powerful
testimonies and the Spirit was so strong as we taught.  It was awesome.  I
was finally able to bear a really powerful testimony that brought the
spirit in. He knows I know it is true, now he just needs to find out
for himself.

Next story, so we were walking to this house and this old lady is outside in the
cold telling us to come over to her.  She’s yelling there’s this man in
my house!  It’s time for him to go!  You need to call the cops!  He locked
me out of my house!  We look at each other like, oh boy..The house door
was open..At this point we are still trying to decide if she’s crazy or
serious. Then this man comes out of the house and is like, “Oh, it’s them
“dang”  Jehovah Witnesses.  He then tells us to go away, that she has
Alzheimers disease.  Really weird experience.

Next a less active member hooked us up with some furniture. No truck,
no problem!  😉 We didn’t live very far away, so we both just held onto it
on the roof of our car!


Thanks for everything have a great week love ya!

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