Birthday Blessings, October 12, 2015


I got one of the best birthday presents ever!

October 7th

We had met this woman and her 3 year old son when we were biking two
weeks ago and we gave her a pamphlet.  Let’s say her name is Minda. We
have been texting back and forth with Minda trying to set up a time to
meet but it’s hard because she is homeless. Recently she found a place
to stay. Finally we were able to meet with her at the library. We sat
down at a little table in the children’s section and started talking.
She had actually read the whole pamphlet and loved it all! Minda
really said she feels she has been in a state of apostasy, spiritual
apostasy. Then she talked about how her testimony was a seed and that
she needed us to help her grow it! It sounded a lot like Alma 32! She
said it was crazy, two days before we met her she was talking to a
friend about how there needed to be a restoration of the priesthood
and how there needed to be another witness of Jesus Christ.  I don’t
know if that friend she was talking to was LDS or what, but she was
prepared! We said, yeah, there did need to be another witness of Jesus
Christ, right here on the cover it says that the Book of Mormon is
Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  Minda got all emotional and cried a
couple tears!  She is so excited to read the Book of Mormon. My
companion Elder Porter then asked Minda, “Will you read the Book of
Mormon and pray to know if it is true?.”  To that she quickly and
defensively responded, “I already know it’s true!”  It was the weirdest,
best lesson I had ever been in.  I don’t even think she is crazy!  She’s
teachable and can feel the spirit, it’s amazing.  It was so hard trying
not to smile as we walked out of the library.  Next time we visit her I
wouldn’t be surprised if she asked us to be baptized!

Earlier that day I was going down a hill pretty fast and I took a
corner a little to fast and my bike slid out from under me. Not even
one scrape! My clothes were still good too! The only thing that hurt
was I am pretty sure I hyper extended my middle finger trying to catch
myself on the ground. It’s purple and swollen but I’m sure it will go away.

Late at night we saw the Leavenworth 2nd ward elders at the church and
said hello! They decided to drive us to their place for some homemade
shakes because it was my birthday.  I had an awesome birthday (minus
crashing) and it’s so awesome being part of this mission brotherhood.

Yeah, great week love everyone have a great week!

Elder Egbert

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