Three months out! Oct 19, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This week has been good.  I went on exchanges with Elder **** the
district leader. For some reason I went to his area and his companion
went to mine. Usually it’s not that way, he’s kind of a goof.  Anyways, it
was good we talked to a few people and went tracking. I knocked a few
doors and we had given out like five Book of Mormons.  Then I knocked
this one door and this lady with all the Muslim clothes shows up at
the door.  Ha, I had no idea how to handle this situation so I just
turned and looked at Elder **** and he took over.  So yeah, that was
interesting.   After that we ran into like three more Muslims.  One
actually said we could come back and teach him a lesson!

Then at about eight thirty we went to this investigators house and we talked to her
on her porch. We first started talking about the family proclamation
and it was good and enlightening. Then she started talking about this
lady she went to that could talk to dead people and Elder *****
started talking about like resurrection and he totally got off topic..
It was bad, I just stood there not saying anything because the
conversation was not one that the spirit could testify of anything.
Then Elder **** says that after we die we go into three types of
bodies then he looks at me and asks me to explain that more. He just
taught false doctrine and he got confused. I knew what he was trying
to say but I didn’t want to confuse her more so, I was just like, I’m
good I think you explained it fine.

This week was also the ward chili cook off! It was great. We stopped by
a lot of our investigators and less active members house reminding
them about it. I was super excited that lots of them would show up but
only two less active families came, but one of the less active members
brought a non member so that was a plus. We filled up some tupperware
with chili so that was great.

This week I memorized two scriptures and am “ponderizing” one. The
scripture I am ponderizing is Ephesians 6: 11-12.

The next transfer is coming up in a week so that means I have been out
for 3 months! I thought I had only been out like 2 months until my
companion told me. The time is flying, I never feel like I can study
enough. Love you all. I know that the new members of the Quorum of the
twelve apostles are called of God. The church is true and Jesus Christ
is leading it through his prophets and apostles.

Elder Egbert

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