Stolen bikes, Bad Haircut, and a Clogged Sink Oct. 26, 2015

Hey family!

Wow those human ball things look so fun! Send some this way, ha.  But
really how much do those cost we really need some fun things to do on
p day that aren’t unapproved. Rock climbing is unapproved.   That was sad
to find out. There’s not any mountains to rock climb anyways.

This is pretty much how my week went.

Well here’s the bad news. Satan is really getting on my nerves! Monday my
companions bike got stolen. Then my bike got its lock cut and was stolen on
Thursday! I didn’t buy the bike so I didn’t cry too hard, but we have
done a lot of walking recently. Then this investigator bailed last
second to come to church. It happens a lot but I still get my hopes up
every time!  And our sink is clogged. We tried to fix it but yeah..

The good news is that a less active family that we have been trying to
get to come to church finally came. It was the primary program today
so that was great. This Ward is very military so they use military
time for everything that’s kind of funny. This is what the bishop
sounds like..
“The Ward chili cook off is this week at nineteen hundred hours” ..

So funny, my companion has cut my hair like twice recently and he is
pretty good.  So now he wanted me to cut his hair!  I’m fairly confident
with my art skills and stuff, so I was like how hard can it be and went
for it!  It didn’t go so good!  I just couldn’t figure out how to blend
it!  So it kind of looks like a bowl cut!  Ha, he’s like I think I will
go to a salon on Monday!  The whole time I was struggling with his hair
I kept thinking of when you used to cut my hair Mom.


Elder Egbert

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3 Responses to Stolen bikes, Bad Haircut, and a Clogged Sink Oct. 26, 2015

  1. Uncle Lon says:

    Pictures please.


  2. Uncle Troy says:

    I like the 4th verse of “praise to the man” – sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. It reminds me that the path to heaven is full of promises/covenants, some formal others less so. When we promise to be more obedient or disciplined in some manner, we gain confidence before the Lord (D&C 121:41) and our prayers become more powerful, so that we become able to call down the blessings of heaven. In addition we become more sensative to listening to the spirit. As I make promises/sacrifice what I want for what the Lord wants I find I am far more capable to do the Lord’s work when I am on his errand. Thanks for your example Mitchell, I love reading reading your letters to my kids. Keep it up.


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