Courage,Pday and Pizza Nov. 2, 2015


So this week was all around a pretty great week! I stay with Elder
Porter for at least one more transfer could be more. We played some
way fun games for P-Day. The past couple P-Days at the stake center
with everyone have not been that exciting. But this week they brought
this yoga ball and played a kind of dodge ball with it! It was a
really good time. Except I jammed a finger, my fingers are always
getting injured out here!

Tuesday it was a rainy day thankfully it was our week to have the car.
We drove to this apartment in the hood to contact a referral we had
received. No one answered the door. So we were walking back to the car
and I saw this group of people keep glancing over at us. I was feeling
overly confident for some reason even though my companion and I were
the only white people in the whole neighborhood. I said, hey companion
do you want to go talk to those people? As a missionary you can’t say
no to talking with everyone, so a little hesitantly we walked over in
the rain to these three people talking outside their house. I was like,
hey we are out sharing a message about Jesus Christ so on…The Mom
and her daughter were interested in our message and a church and said
they would love to meet with us the next day. We went by the next day
and no one was home but we went by again and set another appointment.
And the Mom’s friend who is a man in his 20’s said that he has met with
the missionaries before and asked for a Book of Mormon and wanted us
to visit him also! It was a great experience. I am so thankful for the
Lord giving me and my companion strength and courage to go talk to

So funny story, we were tracking in a apartment complex and this
shirtless guy answered the door with gage’s and the works. He’s like
not interested and slams the door. So we knock on the next door. Then
all at once both doors open and all heck broke lose. I am trying to
explain our message to the guy who just opened the door, while this
crazy lady who I am assuming is like the shirtless guy with gage’s
girlfriend is yelling at us! She’s like, “You don’t see me out pushing my
pagan religion on everyone else! Bleep! You cant solicit here!” So I
told the guy at my door we would have to get back with him. Then we
said to the crazy lady that we are not solicitors because we are not
selling anything. Then she slammed the door.

Halloween was pretty great. We were told not to knock doors or anything,
so we picked up the other Elders who live close by and visited this
really cool bike path that I had been wanting to check out for like
months! We got some really funny pictures from it also.




We also helped a family move out of their old house and into their new one.
It was a great way to get to know the ward better and do service. The
family we helped move in signed up on our dinner calendar, that was

Then today in church spur of the moment we were asked to give a spill
on basically how God loves all his children equally, no matter race,
ect… It was really fun we get asked to help with the primary all the

I have to tell you guys about his member of our ward his name is
Brother Bong. He is such a good guy. He and his wife are converts from
Korea. Sometimes it is a little hard to understand what they are
saying. Sister Bong does sewing and tailors clothes she has made the
waist on my black suit pants bigger. They always tease me about
gaining weight haha! They are so good to us missionaries.   We never
leave their house without eating a mango and having a glass of water.
They take us out to dinner at least once a month and are always giving
away Book of Mormons out of their store! We just brought them five
more this Sunday. This week brother Bong calls us up and is like what
are you doing? Have you had lunch? So we go over there and he gives us
two whole boxes of Papa Murphys pizza that he had extra because he was
feeding the construction people doing the concrete in his basement.


Until next time,


Elder Egbert

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