Dryers, lice, and vinyl records Nov. 9, 2015


Another great week here in Kansas. Here are some of the highlights:

We received a call in the middle of the day by a member needing our
help to go give his home teaching family a blessing. So we got picked
up and went on post. We got there and she started telling us about
everything that has been happening. Her husband has been on leave for
about three months and has about three months more. Her son who is two
years old got 2nd degree burns and had to go to the hospital. Her
daughter that is five got lice and she had been up till 4 that morning
washing everything and then her dryer broke. Also earlier that day her
van battery had died. Twice. So she drove the truck until she lost the
keys to it. Her vacuum broke. And I’m sure there was more things that
went wrong that I can’t remember right now. Military wives are tough!
But yeah, she was in distress. We were about to give her a blessing.
And then she stopped and got really teary eyed and said..how do
blessings work if..if you don’t have enough faith. We then comforted
her and told her ways she has already shown her faith then proceeded
to give her and her whole family a blessing. We all did like two
anointing’s and blessings each. It was an awesome experience. Then we
went to see if we could try to fix her dryer and it started working!
That was a blessing right there. After, we got dropped off at our
apartment. We both were super drained of energy. Giving blessings
takes a lot out of ya.

We have been working with this less active member for quite a while
and now he has been making awesome progress. He has quit smoking,
drinking and has stopped seeing and talking to his old friends that
got him into trouble. But now that he has cut off all his bad friends,
now he doesn’t have any friends. He is a lonely guy, no family and no
friends. But through the Lord we were able to find the perfect member
to fellowship him. This less active brother is awesome and I hope to
see him receive the priesthood and go through the temple.

Also, I have started this tradition were I buy a vinyl record for every
transfer of my mission and then when I get home, open them all up and
listen to them.  I got this idea from my companion. He has a tradition
of buying a comic every transfer. For the meantime, the vinyl records
are awesome art around the apartment.

Elder Egbert

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