Service,Sacrament and Honey Bunches of Oats Nov. 16, 2015


So this week was awesome all around! Last week we were on bikes and
our numbers were not very good but this week was great. This week we
were able to get with the other elders in the area who are both from
Utah and raked our Bishop’s yard and some other members and non
members yards we have been working with. It was fun to get into
service clothes and be outside. The other elders got bites from oak
mites but we didn’t.. We must be praying harder.

Later that week we had a church tour planned with an investigator We
got it all planned and had members to come fellowship and everything.
But the investigator bailed. I have probably had 15 people tell me
that they would love to come to church and would like a ride and
everything and then they ether text us canceling or when we show up at
their house they don’t answer.

Wednesday we went visit Tammy and set a return appointment with her.
After we left and had walked a little ways and this lady we had never met
before comes running out of Tammy’s house and was like “Who are you
guys?” She explained to us about how she was unhappy at the church she
was going to now and how she had been looking for a good church for
her and her children. So now we are also teaching her!

Some good news is that Elder Porter and I were able to put one of our
investigators on a baptismal date. It’s more of goal right now.  He has a
ways to go before he is ready. This investigator is really funny he is
about fifty and lives with his mom who is German and a Jehovah
witness. They are hilarious they love to drink beer and watch the KC
Royals and Chiefs.

Funny story we were in the Veteran’s hospital giving the sacrament to
an old man and as he was walking to the bathroom his pants fell down.
It was so hard to keep a straight face. When his pants were finally up
and new socks on, he took a long time to wash his face and fix his
hair for the sacrament. It was a great experience, you could tell how
much it meant to him. He was in tears and thanked us for coming.

This week we started exercising more and went on a run that killed us
both. We also built a pull up bar. For breakfast I eat honey bunches
of oats with Silk vanilla almond milk.

Elder Egbert


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