Thankfulness, Thanksgiving and a Little Sign Language Nov, 23, 2015


So this weeks letter is going to be kind of short.

We helped someone move into the other elders ward this week. I have
moved like five homes on my mission.

So at church this week we got lots of…recognition I guess you could
say? During the closing prayer a member expressed thankfulness for
Elder Egbert and Elder Porter. Then all throughout the day people just
told us we were great! It was awesome!

Later that day we got the chance to go back to the investigators
house that is on date and address some of his concerns. We brought the
ward mission leader with us, it went awesome.

That’s pretty cool I know exactly where that is!  (He is referring to the home where Pearl Sparks, David Egbert’s Great Aunt once lived and served a mission).  We will have to go track that house and see if we get lucky. Leavenworth has been fun area to serve in. I will probably get transferred on the 10th of December.  So, keep that in mind if shipping anything, send it to the mission office.  Yeah these past three transfers have flown by. It’s starting to get cold here.  We are going over to the Wagner’s on Thanksgiving at 12:30 for dinner. We are trying to see if we can get another dinner appointment for later in the evening, that would be nice.

So I have been learning sign language from my companion. I can spell
words and read words when people sign. Now I’m learning the signs for
things. Maybe it will come in handy one of these days.

Elder Egbert

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