Conference and fellowshipping, food fighting members


Monday we went shopping at this outlet mall called the Legends it was
really fun. We ate at this members restaurant there for free. After
lunch we shopped, it’s mostly just looking around the stores because
they were all pretty pricey.


Tuesday was the all mission CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE! Yay! We drove down to Independence and listened to President Vest and other leaders for a block. I learned so much from all the talks. At the end of the block
President Vest said “I love YOU that have found yourselves. I love YOU
that are finding yourselves. I love YOU that are thinking about
finding yourselves.” I thought that was pretty great.

I’ll skip to Friday, we were finally able to meet with this golden
investigator “Cindi” after about two months of trying. She is homeless
and has a four year old son. She is not what you would expect when you
think of a homeless person. She is very smart and a great mother. We
were able to talk about the restoration and give her some scriptures
to study over until we met next. Then we started talking about her
food situation and we invited her to come eat at a members home with
us the next day.

The next day we picked her and her son up and took them to the
members, let’s call them the “Adams”, home. The little boy was
astonished at how big and nice their quite ordinary home was. Sister
Adams has a big personality and was great at making Cindi feel
comfortable. While everyone was eating soup, Sister Adams teenage son
was being a tad silly.  Sister Adams raised a spool full of potato
soup and said you better stop. But her son rolled his eyes and so
Sister Adams flung the spoonful of soup right into his face! Right in
front of our investigator!! Thankfully, she thought it was as funny as
everyone else. After dinner we went into the lesson. It was awesome
the spirit was strong and there were tears so I think it was

Unfortunately Sister Adams hurt her leg and was unable to make it to
church and so Cindi didn’t feel comfortable going to church without
her. It really has been a challenge getting people to come to church.
So in ward council we came up with a plan to get Cindi more fellowship
within the ward.

I am really loving being on a mission. It is challenging in more ways
that I had thought of. I think I am still in the finding myself stage.
But the more I get out of my comfort zone and do the things that the
Lord wants, the more of myself there is to find, so it is getting

Much love,

Elder Egbert

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