Freezing rain, chickens and pie for breakfast


Well this week we were on foot. It was to cold and to slippery on the
roads to bike. We walked to a lot of our appointments this week.
Saturday we walked all the way from our apartments to town. Which is
about a mile or so. The whole time we were walking it was showering us
with freezing rain! When we finally made it into town we went over to
a members store to warm up but it was closed. So we went into this
awesome pet store nearby to warm up instead. It was such a cool pet
store! It was super ghetto but they had a alligator, python, and my
least favorite a bird eating tarantula! I have pictures of it all.

After we had warmed up a bit we went over and knocked at an
investigators door. Our investigator’s mom opened the door instead and
she was having a terrible day. So we sat and listened to her talk and
cry for about an half hour. By the end she felt really good and wanted
us to come by again! She was so grateful for us just listening.

Sunday we went to a few of our investigators inviting them to the Ward
Christmas party so hopefully they come. Got a few solid commitments
but you never know.

On Sunday night we had dinner with a family that has pet chickens and
roosters! Who knew. The breed they have is called a silky or
something. Yeah so we chilled out with a rooster.

For Thanksgiving, we went over to the Wagner’s at 12:30 for food and got
stuffed. They gave us two whole pumpkin and lemon pies to go. So me
and my companion had pie for breakfast a lot this week. I’m so sick of
pie haha. Then we went and visited some less actives and people that
we knew were alone and needed a visit on thanksgiving.

We’ll happy holidays shopping. Keep safe love ya,

Elder Egbert

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