On to Ottawa Dec 14, 2015


So it’s been quite the week! Cindi and Sam this homeless investigator
and her son got a apartment. Which is awesome she is on her way
towards baptism and a better life. Transfer calls came Thursday. Elder
Porter stayed in Leavenworth and I’m now in Ottawa, KS.  I went around
saying goodbye to families I had got close with.  This one member
who was a woman, was like I know your not supposed to get hugs but I
don’t care and hugged me anyways. 😬 I got scared I almost ran away.
Ha. So, I am with my new companion Elder Arnisan who’s a great
missionary. This area is doing really well, lots of lessons to teach
and investigators that get it. The ward is super small though. The
building we use looks like a church chopped in half. The chapel is
called an assembly hall and we sit in chairs instead of pews. No
basketball court and no other wards that use it. We have full car in
this area because it is so rural. So I have been driving a lot.


I like this ward already.  Saturday they left us a surprise at the
church which ended up being a paper Christmas tree.  Along with 12 days
of Christmas presents!  So the gifts under our tree are filling in.

Funny story..

We were eating lunch at our apartment when we get a package that is
quite large at the door. We see that it is for the Elder that had just
been transferred out of this area. We also see that it is from game
stop.com and so we decide to open it. What do you know its an Xbox 360
with Bioshock, Call of duty, Skyrim and halo 4. Four of the funnest
games. Unfortunately we did not break it out and play it, we had to
call the zone leaders to get their opinion on what to do. They said
give it to the Elder it belongs to so that’s what were going to do. I
mean not to much of a temptation having a Xbox in your living room for
a week, but still.


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