Hot tub, Snow and Christmas Skype



Sorry that I didn’t write last week, so this is a two week letter in one email.

Last week we stopped by this investigators house to see if we could
teach him a lesson, but he was hot tubing. He was like, “If you woulda
told me you were coming over I would have told you to bring your
swimmin suits”. Then he offered to get us some shorts from inside his
house. We sadly had to decline. That would of been fun teaching a
lesson while hot tubing.  But I don’t think the spirit would have been
there. So we ended up just talking to him outside of his hot tub and
went over a little bit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and gave him some
things to think about till we meet with him next.

The next time we visited with him went awesome, but I was felt we could
have gone into the lesson better prepared. We were able to teach him a
lot but we spent a little to much time talking about things that
didn’t really matter. Things that didn’t affect his eternal salvation.
All in all it went really well though, he should be coming to church
this week!

So here is the story I told you on skype….


Since I had been in the MTC I had this goal to tell my family that I had read all the way through the Book of Mormon by the skype call. So I had been reading off and on for months and I was about halfway through 10 days before Christmas. So I did a little math and figured I would have to read about 25 pages a day to make it on time. So I put sticky notes every 25 pages so I knew if I was on track or not and would read every morning and night. If I didn’t end up being able to read throughout the day I would end up staying up a little late reading. I didn’t just speed read through it
either.  I made sure I was understanding everything I was reading.  If
I wasn’t understanding what I was reading I would take a break and
read it over. I am going to try to read it all in a month pretty soon
and do a Doctrine of Christ study as I go through it.

Christmas was lots of fun! We woke up and opened our presents. I don’t
know how I am going to fit all the sweaters I got into my suitcase for
the next transfer! Ha. We then went to the church and were able to
FaceTime with our parents over our iPads. That was super fun to see
everyone but it went by too fast!

So Saturday night we are eating dinner with a member from the
bishopric and he is talking about how he still needs a talk… You know what comes next. Of course he asks me if I would be able to give a talk in sacrament meeting the next day. I happily accepted. After dinner I had a little freak out in the car, but it wasn’t really a big deal. So I just got out a sheet of paper wrote some bullet points down and gave a talk. Looking back on it I probably should of used some more scriptures.

Today is preparation day and we don’t have enough miles to drive to
where all the missionaries play sports this week so we are hanging out
in Ottawa today. It also snowed about an inch and were supposed to
have a crazy ice storm but well see what the weather does.


Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years. 🙂

Love you all!!

Elder Egbert

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