Resolutions,Tracting,and a Trip to the Big City Jan. 4, 2016


This week was pretty normal not anything out of the ordinary happened.
We went over to a members house New Years Eve night and played games
after they fed us dinner so that was fun. Still trying to think of
some good New Years resolutions. I think what I’ll end up doing is
trying to read all the standard works in 6 months. And run some more.

We went tracting for a couple hours this week because we had some open
time. The first door we knocked the guy ended up singing us a song.
Thank goodness it wasn’t to long, he was crazy. Then we got mistaken
for JW. But we ended up finding at least one potential investigator
tracting that day.

For P-day today we will go get our food at the nearest Walmart and
then head up to Olatha which is the biggest city to us and do some
more shopping there. We will probably try a few thrift stores. After
that we will go to the stake center to play sports with the other

Wow, I really loved those videos I can’t help but laugh. It’s so funny
seeing the tradition of cousin and uncles wrestling continue. Makes me
miss home a bit but that’s okay I’m trying to help other people build
the kind of family I have back home. An eternal family.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Elder Egbert

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