The Fantastic and the Feeble Jan 18, 2016



This week was mostly fantastic!  Up until last night we had one of the best weeks. Packed with awesome things and miracles. So many awesome appointments I’ll have to look
back in my journal and write a second email containing a few of them.  So here is when I get to what made last night so bad. I got sick. I guess no matter where you are in the world you still get sick. Mostly just headache, nausea, sore throat and achy bones. I was scared mono was coming back to finish me off. I think it’s just a typical sore throat sickness. Your fasting worked with helping me out in missionary work, not so much health. Lol 😉

So this morning at about 3 o clock as I was soaking in the tub I asked myself this question, why I am sick?  This is what I think the two top reasons are…
1. Mortality
2. God is really trying to test/teach me all he can this transfer..

I’ll survive I think I’m starting to feel better already! 😉 I’ll have Elder Arnesen give me a blessing this morning and continue on with missionary work. Even though it’s P-day today we are doing to swing by this investigator family that’s quitting smoking so they can get
baptized. Today is there quit date!  Early on in the week we gave a blessing to this investigator.  The spirit was really, really strong and everyone felt it. So, as the week has
been going on they have been slowing down on smoking. But even though I am sick, we went over this morning and he gave us the rest of his cigarettes. He is really excited about quitting because he has never been able to do it and his wife is doing really good about quitting smoking also.

We visited a lot of investigators this week and less active members and active members. We love them they love us it’s awesome. I have made some good friends in this Ward so I hope I stay here a while!

So we switched P-day to Tuesday so that we could go to the temple. But our member ride bailed on us and so we were not able to go.  Since I got sick last night, it wouldn’t have worked out anyways. So this P-day is really boring lots of rest so that I can get feeling better.  We have a few appointments tonight so I’m resting up for those.

Stake conference was this week and something that I had heard before stuck out to me.
It went.. While salvation is a personal matter, exaltation is a family matter.

Transfer calls come in tonight so things are going to change this Thursday.

To answer your questions..

Am I a messy roommate?
No, I didn’t think I was but I asked my companion just in case and we
both agree I am tidy. I make my bed every morning, don’t leave things
around and wash my dishes.

Do I have enough money?
Yes, I save a lot of money and yes I got your money thanks. I save a
bundle of cash for emergencies. They give us 150 dollars every month
for food. I could use all of that to buy food but then I would be fat,
so I usually only spend 50-60 dollars a month on food and then use the
left over money for things like leather bound journals from Barnes and

Do I ever drive In big cities?
Yes and no, most of the time we don’t get near Kansas City. I drive to
Olathe which is like a suburb of KC almost every Monday for p day.

What I fix for dinner?
My diet wasn’t very good for the first few transfers of my mission but
now I have the whole buying groceries thing down.  My meals lately
have been cereal, chicken breasts, ground beef, salad, bread, top
ramen, cheese and oranges. We get fed most nights so usual we make
dinner only once a week.

I am a good missionary but there’s already a whole lot of good
missionaries out here. The Lord wants consecrated missionaries serving
him. The only gift we can truly give is ourselves. And as we give and
“lose ourself” we find more of our better self.  That’s the beauty of a
mission and selflessness.

Love you all so much!
Elder Egbert

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