What was the President thinking! Jan. 25, 2016

Hey Everyone,

This week went pretty great finished up with my last companion Elder Arnesen. We finished off the transfer by swinging by all the families he wanted to say bye to and he packed.

Transfers were on Thursdays, it was a blast, my new companion is Elder Walker from Alpine, Ut.   He is one of my favorite missionaries out here so it’s crazy we got put together.  People are like what was President thinking ha.  We have a lot of fun doing the work.  We have been going really hard this week and I am super tired all the time because of sickness and working so hard.  But somehow whenever I get into the lesson or appointment I’m always able to perform and do what I need to do. He is awesome and he used to be my district leader back when I was serving in Leavenworth. So we are both really excited to be serving together.   We’re good friends.  The first day he was
here I left my bed unmade for a couple minutes after I woke up and went into the other room.  Then when I got back his bed was made and so was mine.  So I got back at him and made his bed this morning.

Sunday was great we had some less active members come to church. One
of them sat by us during sacrament. The talks that were given were great and they were on subjects I knew he needed. I just silently prayed that he would feel the spirit. My prayers were answered.   He had brought his Book of Mormon that had been marked up from him serving a mission and every once and a while as he was listening to the speaker
and reading he would have to wipe his eyes.  His work schedule makes it really hard for him to come to church, but we are hoping he will start coming at least every other week.

Well this is going to be a great transfer for Elder Walker and I here in Ottawa.  Hope I don’t get transferred out of this area for a while.
Have a great week!

Elder Egbert

In order we have…
Elder Timrick, Robinson, Egbert and Walker..


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