I Don’t Have Any Street Sense….Feb 8, 2016

Hey family,

Hey family how is everyone doing? So somethings I might have not told
you last week are that I somehow got impetigo on my forehead. It’s all
good now though just lots of people asking me at church why I have a
Band-Aid on my forehead. That’s kind of an awkward question to
answer. I tell them I have a flesh eating bacteria growing on my
forehead and they don’t believe me.

So, yesterday at Ward Council someone was talking about taking names to
the temple. Then all of a sudden our ward mission leader freaks out
about how we don’t take names we take PEOPLE! He got all fired up and
there was so much contention in the room. Sometimes our ward councils
are crazy. Mostly because of him, he has opinions on things I didn’t
even know you could have an opinion about. Dad, I hope Mendon 2nds Ward
councils go a lot smoother. So, now we all have to be careful not to
accidentally say that we are taking “names” to the temple.

So a little miracle that happened this week is we found a new
investigator. Well we actually found three, but the way we found one of
them was extra special. We were looking for a less active family in an
apartment complex and knocked on the wrong door meeting this guy who
looked about 20. He was very nice and interested in our message.  We
ended up talking with him for half an hour. We found out he was
actually 15 years old and has a baby on the way. His trials have
really humbled him and so now he is ready to accept the gospel.

Check out this talk that our stake president has been inviting everyone to read.

It’s called the fourteen fundamentals of following the prophet.

Also another golden nugget I found in a talk was that…Preparations for departure begin. “Young men, I hope you appreciate the sacrifices which your parents so willingly make in order for you to serve. Their labors will sustain you, their faith encourage you, their prayers uphold you. A mission is a family affair. Though the expanse of continents or oceans may separate, hearts are as one.”

Given by Thomas s Monson. Come, all he sons of God.

Your last weeks email was really fun to read sound like a lot is going
on. Oh man.. And that vest picture 😂 I don’t even know what to say

So, I am finding out that I have some of worst “street sense”. I am
pretty oblivious when drug deals happen and that kind of stuff. Just
this week I found out what marijuana smells like. And we knocked on
this lady’s door and she seemed really nice, later on my companion let
me know she was drunk.

My sore throat and mucous, and sinus pressure came back but still
doing great. Yes I have a coat. Love you and have a great week.

Elder Egbert


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