Roller Coasters….. Feb 22, 2016


This is sad, but I really like this picture

Hello family,

This week was just an emotional roller coaster. We did really good overall teaching lots of lessons and getting members to those appointments. We have tons of new investigators that are really promising. A father and grandson we taught the restoration to said they  would come to church this week and we asked if we could come by before church to show them how to get there and they agreed. A few other less actives had also said that they would be at church. I was really excited thinking for the first time we would have investigators at church in the Ottawa Ward. We showed up at the father and grandsons house and knocked..and rang the door bell..and knocked one more time. So sadly no one that we have been working with came to church this week except for the investigator who is waiting to convert his dad or get his consent before he is baptized. So this week we have a goal to get two investigators at church!

So funny story we were eating dinner at a members home and they have a 17 year old son and a 6 year old down syndrome son also. The wife was out of town with their daughter so it was just us guys eating at their house. The 6 year old son was being wild so the dad told him to go jump on the tramp. A few minutes later as we were eating dinner and the dad says “where is Brian (the six year old) ?”. We all turn around and look out the window to see Brian butt naked running around in the front yard! The dads like WHAT THE HECK! Elder Walker and I and the 17 year old were dying laughing/crying the whole time. The dad said sorry our house is normally crazy, but that was a first. Haha.

So this Sunday the missionary’s pretty much did most of the teaching. Elder Walker did an awesome job on his talk is sacrament meeting and we team taught the Gospel Principle class with no preparation because we had been texted that morning that the teacher was sick. The lesson actually went really good it was lesson 7 in the gospel doctrine book talking about 1st Nephi 3-5. Wow I love Nephi’s psalm at the end of 1 Nephi 4. We started off the first half of class doing a good job of teaching back and forth between Elder Walker and I, but then towards the end I kind of took over and lead most of the teaching/discussion because I didn’t know if Elder Walker had anything to say. Overall it went good but some preparation next time would be nice.

Thanks for the emails and the videos. Sure do love ya.

Elder Mitchell Egbert

The district plus the zone leaders Feb. 2016

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1 Response to Roller Coasters….. Feb 22, 2016

  1. Josh says:

    I remember those times where I didnt know if my companion was going to say anything. What i did was learned to ask an inspired question. You are doing great Elder Egbert!


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