BBQ and Finding My Mom March 7, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Kind of an interesting week this week. So this week was transfers. I am staying in Ottawa Yay!  On Wednesday we had to go down to Olathe to get our car fixed and so we also went out to lunch with the northern zone. We went to KC Joes and I got the famous Z-Man Sandwich. I can see what all the hype is about its good. We have also had lots of barbecue from members this week. Perks of serving near KC.

So funny missionary experience this week. A family took us out to eat at a pizza buffet and so I was just browsing the pizza doing my own thing when I hear, “Where is your Mom?” I turned around to see this Native American women looking at me. I seized the opportunity and said, “She is in Utah.” And I explained to her what I was doing out here. She then explained that she thought I was someone else. After that I talked to her about the Book of Mormon a little bit she wasn’t to interested but I left her with a pass along card.

It was a sad week with investigators a lot were ether sick or had to cancel last minute. Sunday we had three awesome appointments set up and they all fell through. That’s missionary work though. So we tried some other less active and investigators in the area and they let us in and we were able to teach lessons after all.

Looking forward to another great week here in the Independence Mission.

Elder Egbert

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