P-Day Golfing and Hot Car Rides Feb. 29, 2016

Hey Everyone,

So, I’ll start from the present and work back in the week. For P-day we are at this really cool golfing place called top golf in Overland Park. We got to golf free from a member who works here.

Sunday morning before church we went to the Novels house to wake them up. They requested we go inside and to their bedrooms and knock loud. So we did and they said they would be at church. They ended up still not coming. Ha. They must’ve fallen back asleep or something. They work the night shift so it messes with there sleeping schedule. Then
we stopped by an investigators house, but they were asleep also.

A few minutes before church started, this beat up car that wasn’t familiar pulls into our parking lot.  This lady gets out and says she’s trying to get to a town like 30 miles away and asked if we had any food. So, we got some Ward members involved and they ended up jacking up her car and fixing her flat tire. We sat by her and her kids at sacrament while the men fixed her car. Really kind of a strange situation.

After church we went to the Independence Visitor center with an investigator and his girlfriend who is a member. It was about an hour car ride and it was pretty hot on the way there so I asked our eccentric Ward mission leader if he could turn the AC on. He said no.
Why I asked? Wherever he lives he said he never uses the AC so that he can acclimatize his body to the weather. Errrr.. So we drove down the highway with our windows open. The Visitors Center went awesome though.

Have a great week,

Elder Egbert

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