Apostle, Baptism, and Lots of Smiles March 14th 2016


I’ll just go over the big events this weeks. There were quite a few.

To start off, Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve
apostles came to our mission. So everyone went to Independence, which
is about an hour drive for us. When Elder Stevenson came in he had
everyone shake his hand and tell them their name and where they were
from. I had done my research on him and so I knew he was from the
Logan area. I said, “Oh I’m from Logan and he said well I’m from
Providence!” So that was fun.   Just a quick 10 second interview he called
it. So, I’ve been interviewed by an apostle..I guess I passed. Ha. I
was expecting his talk to be very formal and all about missionary
work. But he started off by talking about marriage and what we are
going to do when we get home. He told us a hilarious story about how
he met his wife. He had the whole mission dying of laughter. Another
thing that stuck out to me about Elder Stevenson is how humble he was.
He told us he is a newby “being trained” to be an apostle just like we
were being trained during our first twelve weeks.

Also Cindy is getting baptized this week! She is the homeless lady
from Leavenworth Elder Porter and I found! But she is not homeless
anymore and is on date for this Saturday! I tried really hard to get
permission to go to the baptism but they said that it is just to far
away. I’m so happy she has found the gospel, she was so prepared. She
read and believed in the Book of Mormon right after we gave it to her.

Next big event was Sunday.   We had a new investigator attend church. We
typically have one investigator come and we had a goal to get someone
new to come. She is a twelve year old girl who lives with her
grandparents. One of the members in our ward brought her to church one
week and that’s how we met her. So this week was a baptism of a less
active child of record we had been working with, and this 12 year old
girl came with her member friend. After the baptism, we were talking to
her and she said that she likes this church and she also wants to be
baptized!  We were like, we can help you with that!  Fingers crossed her
grandparents are open to this.

The beginning of the week wasn’t all that awesome though. We sure did
work for those blessings. In one day we got kicked out of an apartment
complex, all our appointments cancelled, a less active family said not to
come over, and we had to take some wanna be country lady, bash and
swear at us all the way off her property. All you can do is smile and
take it, they love it when you smile let me tell ya.

Hope everyone also had a great week. It’s warming up here in the alpha
and omega mission. Hope everyone has a safe and fun spring break.

Elder Egbert

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