Conference and Becoming a Missionary… April 4th, 2016


Wow sorry for making you wait all day for my email. Really busy P day today. Elder Walker goes to Independence every once and a while to go to the Chiropractor, so we did that today. It was awesome.  I got adjusted.  I also took my suit back to JCPenny’s and got a different color, it’s dark blue. Going to send a package home of clothes that don’t fit.

I can’t wait to see the new improvements on the house when I get home. I’m becoming a great dry waller and insulation installer out here so save those projects for me when I get home so I can earn my keep.

I feel so bad for Claire ouch! (Stitches on her eyebrow) She looks like she is getting bigger!
Her face looks like she has gotten older!!! I dunno maybe it’s just me! And Paige thank you for the email I will be sure to respond to that next week.

Wow tons of stuff happened this week I have been really bad at just sitting down and writing a weekly email.   I promise I will write good letters next week. I have to email the mission president each week, he’s lucky he gets one 😉

We watched Conference at the Waterhouse’s and Jossey’s house, both members. We had a investigator at the Waterhouses and a less active member at the Josseys, it was great. I really liked the talk given when they let the little children in and they came running. So many wonderful talks and revelations, thanks for the conference note books those were useful.

Love you all too!  Thanks for your prayers!  Going on a mission wasn’t the hard part, that was actually pretty easy. It’s becoming a missionary that is the hard part. Praying for gifts of the spirit, praying for humility, virtue and all the Christlike attributes you lack.  Fasting.  Getting up at 6:30 that’s rough.   Anyways gotta head.

Love ya!

Elder Egbert




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