Results and No Regrets April 18, 2016


Really great week we had lots of people come to church. One less active family has come twice in a row now and fed us dinner tonight. They’re a pretty good family, they love the missionaries. We also had a 20 year old investigator at church.   He’s awesome. When the bread and water was being passed he’s like, “Am I supposed to eat it and am I supposed to drink it?”  He enjoyed the talks and is planning on coming next week to all the classes.

We did service two days this week for like 6 hours total for this Bulgarian family in our Ward. We don’t mind because we know there’s always a meal afterwards. We have pretty much remodeled their sons whole house from insulation, dry walling, mudding and taping, cabinet insulation and painting. The painting was the worst, I still have a
kink in my neck.

Yesterday we went and taught a part member family. The husband is Mormon, but his wife Community of Christ. Her Mom and Dad are quite involved in their church and her mom “holds” the priesthood. She is like 23 and he is 20 years old. But between us and her husband we should be able to convert her. Her husband knows the simple truths of
the gospel, wants a temple marriage etc.. So we’re excited about teaching them, we love teaching families.

Transfer calls are coming in Tuesday night. So next week I might be in a new area. I hope I don’t leave though this area, we have finally been seeing results. If I do go though, no regrets, I left this area better than I found it.

Elder Egbert

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