Seer Stones Anyone? May 2, 2016


So this week started off with golf ball sized hail and then some minor
flooding. Love the extreme weather though, it’s great, well only as long
as we have the car.

So this week I was able to meet a less active family who’s father is
really into Adam ondi ahman, Wormwood and yeah..deep doctrine stuff.
But when you try to go for the gospel meat before the milk, you can get
confused. He believes that he is on a secret mission to find the
exact spot where Joseph Smith found his seer stones on the bank of the
Missouri River. And that all the rocks around that general area are
seer stones to certain people. So, he is going to bag up all these seer
stones and send them to missionaries and lots of people. Any requests
for Adam ondi ahman seer stones?

Elder Rogers and I were doing service, and after we were running around
with their dog. Well, Elder Rogers got running after the dog and ran
into a bird feeder and a branch at full speed. I could stop laughing,
it was so funny. And then the blood started to come down his face, but
it was just a small cut, so it was still funny.


So as we were walking, a car stops in the middle of the road and asks
if we give out free Book of Mormons? One lady had been inactive since
her youth and the other wasn’t a member. They had been to a Mormon
funeral and were really interested in learning more so we cant wait to
teach them.

Pretty good week, while I was on exchanges in another area a non member
wanted a blessing and so I had the opportunity to give that. It’s fun
to be able to use your priesthood power when you have been trying so
hard to build it. Still learning the healers art but I can’t wait to
ask about her and see how she is doing after the blessing.

Elder Egbert

(We got these pictures texted to us via a member….it said, “Your son told me to tell you he’s lots of trouble and wild and crazy.  From what we have experienced that is very far from the truth.  We are going to love having him here in Smithville!!”)



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