Monsters Under the Bed and a Miracle Behind a Door…May 16, 2016

So sad about Cooper.   This morning I was really sad and emotional. A lot of it was just because of how sad you all are. But being busy and having lots of fun stuff to do today helped me get over it. He was a great dog. On the bright side, all of the runners and cars can now drive safely by our house. Life is full of changes.  I’m glad that he went quick and didn’t have to do a whole lot of suffering.

Oh, so this week we miraculously found an investigator who knew Troy from high school and wrestled in college! One of his friends from Homedale wrestled Troy. The investigators name is Ben Barch.

One of the funniest and scariest things that happened this week is we were playing sardines (which is kind of like hide and go seek) with a less active family. Elder Rogers and I ran downstairs and found this dark room with a bed and decided to crawl under it to hide. We were having a hard time getting under it and got about half way when all of a
sudden this monster attacks us from underneath the bed! We wiggled out as fast as we could while getting scratched and bit at the whole way. That was one angry cat. We were rolling around on the floor laughing afterwards. We were the first ones found that round of sardines.

A finding miracle is when we were out trying inactive members and decided to knock a few doors around. The first door we knocked on was this really nice 27 year old women who had already met with missionaries before! She said they were really uptight and pushy so that’s why she stopped meeting with them. She felt really comfortable around us and
knew her husband would love us so she scheduled a time for us to come back! We were able to meet with them this Sunday with our branch mission leader and it went awesome. The husband wrestled in college.  What more could I ask for?

Hope everyone has a great week, here’s a few pictures of the KC temple fun run.

Oh and did you save Cooper’s ears?

Elder Egbert


(Where did he get these glasses??)


Temple Fun Run


Temple Fun Run


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