Mizzoura June 27, 2016

Another week come and gone in Smithville, Mizzoura. Fire work stands are popping up everywhere. And fireworks out here are the real deal, they don’t have very strict firework laws/regulations. Pretty excited to see the fire work show they put on at the dam it’s supposed to be pretty good.

One of my favorite things is talking (not arguing) to people of other faiths about religion and their take on the bible. I just love when they pull out the revelations verse about not taking away and adding to the Bible. It’s like everyone’s go to scripture to try and stump the
Mormon missionaries. John wrote 1st john after he wrote revelations, anyways, so their argument doesn’t even work for them. If I ever leave without being able to explain what the Bible is saying or answer their question I write down their question and do some studies on it.

So we met this family the Viebrocks, they met with sister missionaries like a year ago and loved them. They even have like notes from them still on their fridge. So we don’t know what their hold up is, but we are doing service at their place building a greenhouse and going to start meeting with them. So excited to get that going.

We have been teaching this lady named Donna, her husband and her son. She is starting to make awesome progress coming to church regularly and has lots of friends in the church. Her hold up is that she wants her husband and son to get baptized to so we are going to get the men progressing.

Wish us luck,

Elder Egbert

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