Tracking down treadmills and a General Authority July 17th, 2016


So some changes here in the Liberty zone lots of switching around. I have a new companion Elder Craner. He is from Rexburg ID and we were both born in Twin Falls. This week has been a lot of introducing Elder Craner to the new members and investigators.

We gave one of our investigators a blessing before her trip to Texas for a few days. Everything was going crazy and her friend had a mental breakdown and her dogs had both died in a months time. She was struggling so we gave her a blessing talked about faith and priesthood. We also found an inactive member and her three kids who are unbaptized. They live with their active member grandma so were are going to do a family home evening with them next week.

Also the first day Elder Craner was in the area we found a treadmill! It said free so we loaded it up in the VW Jetta and drove it a few blocks home. And….it works! So its been really fun to just use that for morning work outs. Oh also met Cal Sanderson’s cousin. He is serving here, he said he hasn’t spent much time around Cal because he is always busy but he is a wrestler also!

Anyways today Neil L Anderson is coming to talk to us. We are sacrificing some of our p-day to listen so he better be good. Ha. We get a lot of general authorities that visit because of the area.
Love you all have a great week.
Elder Egbert
Missouri IndependenceĀ 
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2 Responses to Tracking down treadmills and a General Authority July 17th, 2016

  1. Kara Egbert says:

    I still love the fact he is in my home stake!


  2. David Egbert says:

    We grew up with a Craner family in Twin Falls. The lived just around the corner from our home on Sunrise-where Aunt Carol Conover lives now. Gary and Calvin Craner were the ones I remember. Their father was with the city recreation department. They must be relatives of Elder Craner.


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