Figuring out Faith and Rubix Cubes July 25, 1016


This week was giggity. Here’s a few of the highlights..

Elder Neil L. Anderson came to our mission and we had an all mission conference. He is a really personable nice guy. It’s weird meeting apostles and seeing they are normal people. But yet they are extraordinary at the same time.

Just a few things I got from him are..

Hard work is not as effective as..Faith + Hard work. You need hard work plus miracles and those miracles are wrought by faith. He also gave a some comments about this area and the second coming which were a little chilling.  Another thing that he said that I liked is that “If our faith is true it lasts, listen to your heart.”

Pretty busy week.   I went on exchanges and learned how to solve a rubix cube and hit our goal to have 5 lessons with RCLA’s (recent converts & less actives).

Branch council this week went really well. If you want to make real progress, work with the leaders. They are all now excited to find us some more people to teach.

Found this picture and I love it. Lots of symbolism, the women is Eve.


Penny boarding on a treadmill actually works.

penny board on treadmill


Elder Egbert

Missouri Independence
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