Elder Egbert/Missionary/Kirby Carpet Cleaner Aug. 1, 2016


Diggin the shirt Mom, Thanks!

elder with herms shirt

(Shirt from “Herms”)

So this week was really fun filled with lots of manual labor and teaching appointments. We were on bikes all this week also.
So our neighbor Kerenna and her son were needing a place to move and we introduced her to a member of the ward who is selling their house. What do you know, our Kerenna is now renting and going to buy their house. She was supposed to come to church, but for some reason she told her member ride she had to do some things. We are going to start meeting with her this week.
So this is funny we got in our service clothes and biked over to the Cridder household to do some service. Donna the mom is taking the lessons and one of her sons and husband on occasion. So Elder Craner cleaned their bathroom..spotless! And then they ended up bringing out a Kirby vacuum with a shampooer kit and are like yeah we have no idea how to use this. Soooo I scratched my head and tried to remember how in the world to put together the shampooing thing. After a few silent prayers I got it working and shampooed their carpet! We had a great time doing service, lots of fun and we got invited to her teenage twin sons birthday party.
We also helped another family move in this week and they had a Kirby and didn’t know how to use the shampoo kit so now I’m like missionary/ carpet cleaner. Lol
We also got a phone call from a non member family in need. They live below some members and we had given their sick baby a blessing in the hospital before. They are really struggling financially so we turned that over to the relief society president.
Went to the birthday party at Donna’s. We were a teeny bit nervous because there were sooo many cars there. They have a big family. It was lots of fun.  We met lots of her family and some missionaries are going to visit her sister in Tiffany Springs, MO.  Donna also made us some No Bake cookies for helping her!! Sorry Dad we ate them all.
Love you all have a wonderful week!
This is the Johnson’s we love love love them! They are the ones who are moving and selling their house to Kerenna!
elder egbert with the johnsons
Elder Egbert
Missouri Independence 
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