Museum and Conference WOW, Oct. 3, 2016

Hey family,

Elder Egbert with his Aunt Kara’s Parents, Ross and Sue Shriever from Liberty, MO at their nieces home for Conference in Smithville!

So this week I will probably write a family email and then one about the week.
First off I got both packages. 📦 Thank you so much that was awesome stuff. I never thought the weirdest food I would eat on my mission would be shipped from my parents 😉  I just hope I will be able to fit all my stuff into suitcases I’ve accumulated quite a lot.
Transfers are Thursday. Bro Packard, the branch mission leader, really, really doesn’t want me to get transferred. He is having me email president and ask to stay and he is also emailing President Vest. Ha who knows what’ll happen.
So lots and lots of miracles this week. Bro Tebbs took us to the museum that was just WOW. Tons of lessons with everyone. 9 member presents, 1 other lesson, 6 @ sacrament and 6 RCLA’s (recent converts and less actives). We count everyone that watched conference with us as a sacrament.  Those are super good numbers. Sometimes whole districts don’t even get 9 member present, so we have been blessed and busy.
Donna’s husband is on a roll, she called the Packard’s, her friends and thanked them for everything and the transformation of her husband. Donna can hardly believe it. We watched priesthood with him and the Packards from home.
Sunday was awesome, watched conference at the Walkers and ate cinnamon rolls. Then went to the Boodles* at 3 to watch Conference. The first couple talks were lots of doctrine and I was just praying that there would be speakers that would reach them. My prayers were answered. Such powerful testimonies were born during talks and the spirit was so strong. After conference we had a huge dinner and then talked about more gospel stuff. While talking about the priesthood Bro Boodles* with teary eyes asked if we do blessings. He just got diagnosed with prostate cancer. His dad died from prostate cancer. I think he is going to have me give the blessing when we go back over today. I’m nervous and scared and really have been praying that I can give him the blessing the Lord wants him to have. Blessings are brought about through faith and faith and fear cannot reside at the same time. So I will trust in the Lord’s promise in D&C 84:85
85. Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.
Kelly*,  his wife is not a member and is progressing wonderfully. They are both pretty much investigators.   Bro Boodles* didn’t even know he was a member when we knocked on his door for the first time. It was amazing how we found them back when it was Elder Durbano and I. We were just trying some less actives and non actives I had never met and the Boodles* were close by our house but kind of tricky to find their house because of the long driveway and google maps didn’t really get ya to the right spot.
Anyways love ya lots thanks again for the packages!
Elder Egbert
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