Pictures! Sept 26, 2016

Hey family,

Me, Donna’s husband, Donna, Bro. Packard, Elder Craner

This week was awesome. So hmm.. I don’t even know where to start in these emails.
So the highlight of the week was a dinner and lesson with D* and her husband. We went over there and she fed us mouth watering homemade pizzas’s! Then for dessert we had chocolate covered nutter butter minis with homemade banana bread. And then she gave us some banana bread to go! During dinner the Packard’s came over and stole some food also and we had a lesson and focused on Bob*. He and his son have decided to get baptized on October 28th. Brother Packard’s asked him how he knew it was true and gained a testimony. He responded by saying that whenever we come over and share message he feels..happy. It sounds really silly in the email, but Bob* is shy and when he said that the spirit just came into the room so strong. The Packard’s got all teary eyed and D* was like 😮.  They both came to church and this week Bob* stayed the whole time! All three hours!
Anyway, more later I’ll probably have to look through my journal to remember things.
Love ya!
 Elder Egbert
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