Breaking Windows and Holding Snakes…Oct. 24, 2016

So hmm.. this week was full of service, breaking windows, popping tires and luckily lessons.
For service this week we chopped wood for a less active member. But on the way we had loaded up this dryer in the back of the truck to take to him. I put it in the truck laying down because I was scared it would slide and crack the window. Then my companion tilted it up and he doesn’t take advice very well so I just let it be. Then driving down the highway going 70 the wind moved it and it cracked our back window to the truck. 450 dollars later. And then also that day we found a screw in our tire. Glad I am not the one driving, I try not to it’s safer that way.
We also volunteer at the senior center Thursday and Friday. All the old ladies ask the staff that work there where they found such handsome boys. The old ladies also think I am in high school and they wonder how I got the day off school. :/
We’ll be having a baptism on November 4th in this ward. She is 15 or 16 and she is the one whose snake I was holding. Her mom and her sister are still preparing for baptism so hopefully we can make that happen this transfer.
Elder Egbert


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