Laughing over Spilled paint and other stuff… Nov, 7, 2016

So first things first, we had baptism on the 5th of this month. It went really good, R** who is 16 got baptized by her friend’s dad. She invited lots of her family so there were lots of non-members and members. R***’s mom is also taking the lessons and will hopefully get baptized hereafter just a few things she needs to overcome.
This week we also helped Sister W**** who is a convert of 3 years paint her trim in her hew house. Ever since she joined the church life hasn’t been easy but she keeps on going. It was lots of fun painting and we were already laughing when she spilled a good amount of paint on the floor. She like fell to the floor laughing and almost rolled in the spilled paint. Luckily we got most of the paint out with some elbow grease.
So this Branch is really struggling if I haven’t mentioned that before. I guess they have had some members move out and it seems as though every family is going through a different trial. They had a goal of 2 baptisms this year as a branch which is pretty low. They hit that for this year and hopefully we will get one or two more baptisms before the years through. It is a struggle getting anyone to do any missionary work here. So we really work a lot with the few missionary minded families and have lessons with other families.
So the branches situation has been on my mind a lot. This area really needs miracles and lots of faith if it will ever become a ward. I just pray I can be where I need to be and say what I need to say.
Love ya,
Elder Egbert
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