Where is the Relief Room? 9/19/2016


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Giggidy Week Sept 12, 2016

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Moving Furniture and Moving Towards a Baptism! Aug 29, 2016

So I survived… We had a tornado warning and flash floods. But I’ll get to that in a minute that happened Saturday.
Today I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and because I was already up I just decided to get a head start on my laundry. Back to sleep by 4 am. Woke up at 5 am to go to morning sports, 25 minutes away at the stake center in Liberty, right next to the temple. That was pretty fun, we played dodge ball. I was kind of out of it and sleepy. Then we came back and did a deep clean of our living area. Everything is so nice, neat and organized! And now I am writing this email.
Sunday went to church and during a meeting we got a call from this guy we found in the ward roster who has been inactive since he was baptized as a teenager. We have talked to him previous to the call and had even shared a message with him and his wife. Now we are scheduled to have dinner with him and his wife this coming Sunday. Also, he has a big house and a long driveway.
Church was good we had 4 investigators come to church. One of which was D**** she is on date for baptism in September 16th because it was her Mother’s birthday.
Then after church we were going to go see some people but ended up we didn’t have enough time. So we got a ride to the Stake Priesthood meeting about family councils. This young father shared an experience where his daughter cracked his work ipad screen. He was annoyed but when she brought it to him sobbing and so very sorry, the annoyance and anger melted away.  He said it’s okay, I love you more than I love the iPad. Fatherhood and motherhood gives us a glimpse of the love our Heavenly Father has for us, even when we make mistakes.
After that meeting we had a big dinner. I ate too much and had a really bad headache. After we got home I ended up throwing up because of that. TMI?
We visited D**** a few times this week and taught her and helped her move some furniture around. She bought me a 6 pack of mountain dew! She is going to be a awesome member.
The rest of the week was full of lots of service, moving people, moving people we have already moved once before and moving more furniture.
Lots of miracles this week, but I’ll just mention one. We had been told that this couple moved into our ward and they had been married in the temple, but the husband no longer believes in God and doesn’t want anything to do with God. But the wife is up for visits she just can’t let her husband know she is doing stuff with the church. So a few months passed and we hadn’t been able to get in contact with her through cell phone. So with permission from our Branch President we knocked on her door. 50/50 chance it would be her or her husband. Luckily she answered the door and her husband wasn’t home. She is super nice and us and the relief society sisters are now going to be meeting with her.
Thanks for your long letter you know me so well haha. I definitely need my pump up quotes. One of my favorites right now is from an old African proverb it goes…
If there is no demon within, the demon outside can do us no harm.
I have conquered my inner demons, nothing on the outside matters. And as long as we keep finding our strength in Christ, we will win the race and claim the prize.

So yeah transfers came.   I thought I was leaving, but I have another transfer here in Smithville! Love this area and hope to get a few baptisms here before I leave.

Is this long enough?
Love ya! 🙂
€lder €gbert

Missouri Independence 
(Then he wrote us a quick letter later that night!)
Tonight was amazing!!! D***** asked us to come over and help move something. And then we talked for like an hour with her and her husband! Her husband usually isn’t around when we have the lessons. He is really interested and was like, “Hey let’s go to Liberty jail this weekend. But D***  was like, “Uh, it’s Labor day and bla bla… super busy I guess. But she is solid on date for September 16th, read through all the baptismal interview questions and she is all in.
Can barely contain myself trying really hard to keep the drool in. 😉       (So excited)
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Service and Slippery Slides Aug 22, 2016


We have been wanting to do more service in this area, we just didn’t know it would come all at once. Started out this week by moving two family’s and four refrigerators. Later on in the week we weeded three huge rows of blackberry and raspberry bushes.  Fed chickens and helped build a couple green houses. It was all lots of fun…except for weeding.
This week we an investigator Donna on date for baptism she is really awesome. Transfers are coming up so I might have to come back to see her get baptized.

Church was good we had three investigators there and a member brought her friend. The talks were on agency and accountability.

Have a great week!
€lder €gbert

Missouri Independence 
slippery slide

Fun on a slippery slide with the Walkers and an investigator


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Weekly Planning August 15, 2016

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Elder Egbert/Missionary/Kirby Carpet Cleaner Aug. 1, 2016


Diggin the shirt Mom, Thanks!

elder with herms shirt

(Shirt from “Herms”)

So this week was really fun filled with lots of manual labor and teaching appointments. We were on bikes all this week also.
So our neighbor Kerenna and her son were needing a place to move and we introduced her to a member of the ward who is selling their house. What do you know, our Kerenna is now renting and going to buy their house. She was supposed to come to church, but for some reason she told her member ride she had to do some things. We are going to start meeting with her this week.
So this is funny we got in our service clothes and biked over to the Cridder household to do some service. Donna the mom is taking the lessons and one of her sons and husband on occasion. So Elder Craner cleaned their bathroom..spotless! And then they ended up bringing out a Kirby vacuum with a shampooer kit and are like yeah we have no idea how to use this. Soooo I scratched my head and tried to remember how in the world to put together the shampooing thing. After a few silent prayers I got it working and shampooed their carpet! We had a great time doing service, lots of fun and we got invited to her teenage twin sons birthday party.
We also helped another family move in this week and they had a Kirby and didn’t know how to use the shampoo kit so now I’m like missionary/ carpet cleaner. Lol
We also got a phone call from a non member family in need. They live below some members and we had given their sick baby a blessing in the hospital before. They are really struggling financially so we turned that over to the relief society president.
Went to the birthday party at Donna’s. We were a teeny bit nervous because there were sooo many cars there. They have a big family. It was lots of fun.  We met lots of her family and some missionaries are going to visit her sister in Tiffany Springs, MO.  Donna also made us some No Bake cookies for helping her!! Sorry Dad we ate them all.
Love you all have a wonderful week!
This is the Johnson’s we love love love them! They are the ones who are moving and selling their house to Kerenna!
elder egbert with the johnsons
Elder Egbert
Missouri Independence 
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Figuring out Faith and Rubix Cubes July 25, 1016


This week was giggity. Here’s a few of the highlights..

Elder Neil L. Anderson came to our mission and we had an all mission conference. He is a really personable nice guy. It’s weird meeting apostles and seeing they are normal people. But yet they are extraordinary at the same time.

Just a few things I got from him are..

Hard work is not as effective as..Faith + Hard work. You need hard work plus miracles and those miracles are wrought by faith. He also gave a some comments about this area and the second coming which were a little chilling.  Another thing that he said that I liked is that “If our faith is true it lasts, listen to your heart.”

Pretty busy week.   I went on exchanges and learned how to solve a rubix cube and hit our goal to have 5 lessons with RCLA’s (recent converts & less actives).

Branch council this week went really well. If you want to make real progress, work with the leaders. They are all now excited to find us some more people to teach.

Found this picture and I love it. Lots of symbolism, the women is Eve.


Penny boarding on a treadmill actually works.

penny board on treadmill


Elder Egbert

Missouri Independence
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